New Mexico Tech Interferometer/Sferic System
Notes for May, 2000

Universal Date/Time
JDay Date Time Comments
143 22-May 18:10 Arrived at National Guard Armory in Goodland, Kansas
144 23-May Setup interferometer platform
146 25-May Slow antenna and associated electronics were deployed.
147 26-May 1:39-2:50 Transferring data from Sun IPC to PC. A severe thunderstorm warning occurred prior to rearming system.
Tied down platform & connected ground. Downloaded software needed for Sun Ultra/SBS915.
20:39-21:57 System was recording sferics at 23:39:10 until 21:57:??, but data had to be deleted to make room for later data.
23:01:00 Rain picking up
23:06:20 CG with net upward displacement of electric field
23:09:09 7 seconds to thunder (~2 km range)
23:11:06 Lightning at 1 km range
23:50 Light rain continuing to fall; contaminating slow antenna.
148 27-May Measured Lat/Lon in trailer at north window: 39 29' 10.3", 102 04' 49.5"
149 28-May Measured receiver PS voltage prior-to and after connecting to receivers: 12.67 V --> 12.00 V
...Lower/upper PS voltages prior/after connection: Lower:(-12.01/+15.11)-->(-12.00/+15.03) Upper:(-14.10/+15.15)-->unchanged
150 29-May 4:55:00 Attempted to acquire INTF data. Data deleted or problem on first attempt of STEPS 2000 to get INTF data?
5:22:33 CG to NNW
5:26:25 Nice SA field change. More such changes noted in subsequent seconds and minutes
5:42:01 Nice SA.
6:07:15 SA field change is very big. Estimate ~4 V max (2x full range). +CG?
6:11:13 A Slow Antenna field change is again offscale.
According to daily planner notes, the interferometer data acquired today was bad (note low RF threshold)
Measured Interferometer lat/lon/z as: 39 29' 11.0", 102 04' 49.9", 3917 ft? (lat/lon is accurate to 54 ft.)
...and that of the slow antenna as: 39 29' 10.7", 102 04' 49.7"
151 30-May 1:57:14 Big positive bipolar with strong RF
1:59:47 +BP with multiple RF peaks
2:16 INTF display parameters listed as: DXS=214, DYS=62, Xshift=573, Yshift=-7
? Test of receivers: Receivers 3-5 are ~dead! (1, 2, and 6 are OK). The problem was traced to damaged Local Oscillator connectors; primarily on the antenna end of the cables. The connectors were reseated.

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