New Mexico Tech Video Log
for August, 2000

Universal Date/Time
JDay Date Time Start/Stop Camera Lens Orientation Comments
216 03-Aug 7:42:10 Start Xybion 1 Zoom ~25 mm ~East, out window Closest activity is ~NNW, but is getting closer (soon in F.O.V?)
7:52:28 Decreased intensifier gain
8:42:00 Stop Xybion 1 No lightning in FOV for a while
223 10-Aug 21:51:26 Start C2000 Wide field ~South west, on platform Cumulus clouds. No storms in FOV.
22:02:30 ~South More cumulus. Distant storm barely visible in haze.
225 12-Aug 0:32:26 Start C2000 Zoomed in a bit West Storm with sun illuminating anvil from behind
~0:52:30 Brief camera glitch. Was temporarily unable to take picture.
1:19:00 Southwest Sun came out from behind clouds. Needed to reorient away...
2:19 Camera no longer focusing at infinity? (images are blurry)
2:30:05 Stop Low light levels (>30 min past sundown) and blurry images
20:19:11 Start C2000 Zoomed in a bit South-southwest Line of convection building over central Cheyenne Co.
21:19:30 South-souteast New convection building at somewhat closer range
22:29:40 East-southeast Can't see turrets to SSE (only anvil). Newer convection to ESE...
23:32:40 "Stop" Battery power ran out. Foreground clouds blocking view of storms anyways.
226 13-Aug 3:00:00 Start Xybion 1 Zoom ~25 mm East-northeast Region of +CGs and horizontally extensive lightning
3:15:30 Lowered elevation Horizon was previously below the FOV?
3:31:30 Decrease EL/Decrease AZ Region of +CGs is further north and east
~3:53 "Stop" End-of-tape
4:11:48 Start Xybion 1 Zoom ~25 mm Same location as last use New tape
4:13:20 Decrease AZ a bit
4:40:03 Stop Activity is distant
227 14-Aug 5:55:50 Start Xybion 1 Zoom ~25 mm North-northeast Starting calibration: Azimuth of foreground objects?
5:57:00 Northeast
5:58:00 East-northeast
5:59:00 East
6:00:00 East to East-southeast
6:01:00 Increased EL a bit
6:02:00 East-southeast
6:03:00 ESE to SE Looking to left of trailer
6:04:00 SE to SSE Looking to right of trailer
6:05:00 SSE Note: Car headlamps moving through FOV
6:06:00 SSE to S
6:07:00 S to SSW
6:08:00 SW
6:09:00 WSW Clouds blocking part of FOV
6:10:00 Stop
228 15-Aug 3:39:00 Start Xybion 1 Zoom ~25 mm North Another calibration of foreground objects for additional AZ
3:40:00 North-northwest Vertical baseline in FOV
3:41:00 NW Flashing light in NW corn field is in FOV at left side
3:42:00 WNW ...and now on right side
3:43:00 W-WNW
3:44:00 W Clouds blocking portion of left side
3:45:00 WSW Clouds blocking >½on of left side
3:46:00 Stop

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